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Officers, Trustees and Committee Chairpersons

Executive Board Members

Title Name
Commodore Karen Ruckdeschel (
Vice-Commodore Ray Kimber (
Treasurer Tony Valentino (
Secretary Teri Lawrence (
Membership Graham Blundell (
Past-Commodore Graham Blundell (
Trustee Carl Boms (
Trustee Stan Alterman (
Trustee Mike Friedberg (
Trustee Doug Ziemba (
Trustee Jerry Grennan (
Trustee Matthew Montanari (
Trustee Greg White (
Trustee Walt Anderson (
Trustee Ceil Mancini (
Trustee Ryan Chasco (

SEAS National Representatives

Alissa Algarin, Stan Alterman, Betty Brock, Elisabeth Burnett, Nancy Lee Carrie, Victoria Elbrecht, Tracy Kunkel, John Myer, John Ocker, Bob Sandberg, Joan Venezia, and one vacancy.

SEAS Monmouth Coordinators

Title Name
Keelboat Committee Chairperson Matt Montanari (see above)
Keelboat Dockmaster (O'Day 28 & Rhodes 22) Wendy Huang (
Keelboat Maintenenance - O'Day Peter Shearer (
Keelboat Maintenenance - Rhodes 22 Walt Anderson (see above)
Keelboat Reservations Coordinator Bobbie McArdle (
Small Boat Commitee Chairperson (Javelin,
Harpoon, Hunter and Lasers)
Thomas Yanas (
Small Boat Maintenance Coordinator (Javelin,
Harpoon, Hunter and Lasers)
Greg White (see above)
Small Boat Dockmaster (Javelin,
Harpoon, Hunter and Lasers)
Walt Anderson (see above)
Membership Graham Blundell (see above)
Skipper Certification Committee Chairperson Graham Blundell (see above)
Newsletters and Email Notices Graham Blundell (see above)
Parties and Speaker Coordinator Joan Venezia (
Website Administration Ray Kimber (see above)