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Boat Reservations

All of SEAS Monmouth's boat can be reserved by SEAS members for personal use when they are not scheduled for club activities or reserved by other club members. Generally, you'll find all the scheduled Club activities on the Sailing Calendar, although there may be some last minute activities which are not yet on the calendar. You can confirm that the boat is available by checking with the respective dock master for either the Small Boats or the Keelboats.


You must be a current SEAS member and a qualified skipper to reserve SEAS Monmouth boats. For the daysailers this means getting checked out on the daysailers; for the keelboats this means having the appropriate skipper level for the area you wish to sail in (I, II, or III) and getting checked out on the keelboat you wish to skipper. You can read more about these details on the skipper certification page.

Making the Reservation

If you have the qualifications, and your initial assessment finds the boat available, confirming the availability and making the reservation is as simple as contacting the respective dock master or reservation coordinator either by phone or email. For reservations on either Small Boats or Keelboats contact Bobbie McArdle at 732-618-8218 or


There are two ways of paying for private reservations of SEAS Monmouth boats: separate payments for each use, and Season Passes. With the separate payments approach, for each type of boat there are suggested donations for its private use. Simply write a check for the appropriate amount, with "daysailer (or keelboat) reservation" in the memo, and send it to the SEAS Monmouth Treasurer at

SEAS Treasurer
65 Woodview Dr
Old Bridge, NJ 08857

The other way of paying for private boat use is to buy a SEAS Monmouth Season Pass (see this page for prices also). This is a one-time cost, and allows you to use boats free for the entire season. There are three types of Season Passes: Small Boat Season Pass, Rhodes Season Pass and O'Day Season Pass. The Small Boat Season Pass allows unlimited use, when the boats are available, of the daysailers; The Rhodes Season Pass allows unlimited use, when the boats are available, of the Rhodes 22 ("Rhodes Less Traveled"), plus the daysailers; the O'Day Season Pass allows the unlimited use, when the boats are available, of the O'Day 28 ("SEAS the Day II"), plus the Rhodes 22, plus the daysailers. Each of the three types of season passes allows unlimited use 7 days a week. Be sure to read the Season Pass policies document to acquaint yourself with the details of its use.